Your tailor-made Draincleaner

Our Homburg DrainJetter for years of maintenance-free cleaning of drain pipes. Of course you know the agricultural benefits of drainage in the country or in the greenhouse. Your crops grow better and the working conditions in seedbed preparation and harvesting are optimal.

Clean your water drainage easily with a drain jetter for better water management on your fields

Your crops grow better and working conditions during the growing season are optimal when your subsurface drainage is clean. Homburg Holland has been manufacturing Draincleaners in Stiens (Friesland) since 1970.  

Regular maintenance of field drainage keeps your soil in topcondition

Regular maintenance is essential for drainage to keep working in optimal fashion. This is because your drain pipe may become blocked with clay, sand, ingrown roots and iron oxide, resulting in a higher groundwater level and a greater risk of salination. This can cause the condition of your soil to deteriorate. With our tile jetter regular agricultural drain jetting will keep your soil in top condition. And this in turn is reflected in the quality of your crops and your yield.

A drain jetter is the water drainage solution for clogged drainage of land drainage systems.

Draincleaner Academy

Why is the cleaning of drainage systems essential for the right draining of land? What is the nozzle that belongs to your type of soil? And what pressure should you use? 

We have gathered lot of knowledge on the subject of draincleaning due to years of experience, and of course we like to share that knowledge with you! Besides the questions and answers given in our Draincleaner Academy, information and operating instructions are always given at the delivery of your Draincleaner, You can also attend the training in the field. Our specialists are always ready to help! 

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User-friendly and durable cleaning

Our drain jetter is user-friendly, reliable and extremely robust. Purchasing a drain cleaner is great value for money. The simple operation ensures that the user can work quickly, easily and efficiently. Our company draws on years of practical experience to design and build its Drainjetters. With its importing rights for Hardi, Väderstad, Garford and Ag Leader and its vision, we are engaged in a continuous development process as far as the Draincleaners are concerned.

Agronomic knowledge forms the basis for the innovations and designs resulting in a suitable machine for each specific situation. Good water management, better soil life and sustainable machines are the starting points for our Draincleaners. 

A drain jetter cleans clogged field drainage, a great water drainage solution.

Advantages of our Drainjetter

Of course, you are already familiar with the benefits of drainage in fields or in greenhouses. With agricultural drain jetting your crops grow better and working conditions during the growing season are optimal. These are the advantages:

  • Quality machine because it’s made from top-quality materials
  • Compact construction and updated design   
  • Extremely strong HPE flushing hose for a longer life  
  • Homburg 2 or 4-wheel drive gives ultimate grip and greater resistance to wear  
  • Because of the low water pressure (only 10 to 12 bar) on the rinsing head a perfect cleaning result is achieved
  • Use of a drainjetter will not damage your drainage system
  • Specific nozzles provide a technical solution for every type of soil and situation. The system cleans without adversely affecting the structure of the soil or the drain.  
  • The system cleans without adversely affecting the structure of the soil or the drain
  • With a choice of 3 models, there is a suitable draincleaner for everyone! 

Your tailor-made Draincleaner »

Cleaning drain pipes in a substanable way with hydrojetting

When in use, a drainjetter requires a maximum water volume of 80 l/min. The pump capacity at each drainjetter is 135 l/min at 540 rpm. The pump system is designed in such a way that the pump works more efficiently at a lower speed and is therefore more economical. All the machines are equipped with two manometers as standard; one for the water pressure and one for the hydraulic pressure. An increase in hydraulic pressure makes it easy for you to tell when drainage pipes are dirty.

Homburg Draincleaners use a low pump pressure of 35 bar, resulting in 10 to 12 bar on the rinsing head, which ensures safe operation. The special HPE hose is pushed into the drain making it possible for the special nozzle cleans the pipe and ensures that the dirt is removed quickly.  Previously, drainage systems were cleaned around 100 bar; this can cause a lot of damage to the soil structure or the drainage pipe. Because our drain jetter uses low pressure these problems are prevented, and your drainage system will not get damaged easily. 

In-house production

Our Draincleaners have been produced by Homburg Holland in their own factory for more than 50 years. This guarantees the quality of the machines in every aspect.

Training & Warranty

You will receive a clear user instruction guide with the delivery of your Drainjetter. Training in the field is also possible. The Draincleaners come with a 1-year warranty as standard. 

Do you want to configure your own tailor-made drain jetter? That's possible!

The configurator enables you to make your basic choice from the JUNIOR, DELTA or HURRICANE. Then you can add various options and also indicate the number of metres of desired hose. Just a few clicks and you will receive a no-obligation quote. Take a look at our website, after which you can start your ‘production’.

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Are Draincleaners of interest to you or do you have any questions?
You can contact: Lasse Doornbos, product specialist for Homburg Draincleaners.

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